by Peter Marus

I’m in a pissy mood. My auction didn’t fare too well (thank god I put the reserve price on it). I wanted $230 for the model car I was selling, and the final bid was $125. The kicker was that the guy who put the highest bid had the balls to send me a massage about he’ll have the money to me in a couple days. I sent him an email that he didn’t meet the price and he’s not getting it. I said I’d still sell it to him for the price I wanted but he started accusing me of price gouging. Well, he complained to Ebay, and they told him to piss off, saying that he didn’t meet my reserve price and I have every right to refuse to accept his bid and since the auction was over. They also said that since he contacted me, it’s all on him, none on me. This sucks; it delays what I wanted to do with the money I was going to get. I relisted it today, but with a higher starting price ($150), and the same reserve price. I was going to put a “buy it now” price, but I can’t since I don’t have enough positive feedback (I really never use Ebay a lot, so I don’t get much feedback). Hopefully I’ll get what I want as far as price. So I guess it’s a couple more weeks until I get my XM radio…..

Went to the Metro game Saturday. It was a good time. A lot of people there looked at me like I was Lazarus or something, since I haven’t’ gone to a game in almost a year. It was cool watching the US game in the parking lot on a guy’s TV, and then went inside to see the Metro game. The ESC section, where I usually sit, sucks now. All the new-school members have pissed the old-school members like me off to the point where they don’t sit there anymore. Most don’t bother going because the newer members just stand around and do nothing, when they should be ball-out singing, chanting, screaming their heads off. There are some still there, but they are the “star trek” type, where Metro is their lives, and they look down on others who have lives outside of a soccer team. This situation really pisses me off, but its everyone’s fault. By that I mean the leaders of the ESC, the members, he stadium security all have fault in this. I don’t want to get into the issues, but lets just say the wild bus that was the ESC is stuck in neutral and it’s rolling back down the hill.

Other than that, not much happening, still trying to get a temp assignment. I will put my resume up someday, so if you have some job opening, you know someone who may be able to do it. That’s all I got right now. I hope to write more this week, that’s if I got something to talk about.