by Peter Marus

I spent this weekend around the house the whole time. Spent Saturday helping out my dad with the painting of our dining room, which turned out PINK (my mom chose the color, so it was the right color!!!!). I was waiting to hear back from people about going out or whatever, but things didn't pan out. On the bright side I did get the chance to see the Us World Cup Qualifier, which they won and now are just about qualified for next years final qualifier stage (the "Hex", where they have to play 5 other teams twice, and make it into the top three to make the World Cup) Sunday also helped my father around the house and just sat on my ass...riveting I know!!! The most exciting thing I did all weekend was get new ringtones onto my cell phone, becaue I wanted to get some unique tones to identify people when they call me....makes it easier for me to decide if I'm going to answer the phone or have them tlak to my voicemail!!!!

Today was boring as hell, nothing really happened. Now I'm gong to get to bed and get some sleep. So far this week looks like I'm going to be hitting the temp agencies to try to get some form of work, so it's really nothing new. Wed. may prove to be interesting, that's if plans do come together between now and tomorrow night.