by Peter Marus

I am sickened to the news to hear “Mall cop” is the #1 movies in the country. What the fuck people!? I seriously hope that no one that reads this went to see it, even if it was just to get laid. I don’t see how that is a funny movie. It’s a sad day in this country where that “comedy” is popular.

In the next couple weeks I am getting Direct TV. I did my research and I decided to get it. It’s going to be a little cheaper than the current cable bill, and I will be getting ore out of the satellite system. I’m probably getting it in two weeks, since this coming weekend is a little full. This coming weekend involves me help moving stuff from one place to another, a UFC PPV, and the Super Bowl.

I was supposed to go to a ESC membership drive/US soccer game showing. I as all set to go, despite the fact that the event was going to be held in a soccer bar that is more or less the tourist trap soccer bar in NYC. I’m also a bit jaded still after my last time there, where anything US soccer/MLS was shat on. Some people say it’s gotten better there, but I also hear it’s more due to the fact the owners of the bar are whores and put a smile on their faces for the MLS/US soccer thing when cash is thrown at them. I miss the old joint where we hung out. I didn’t go in the end because my ankle was killing me, and standing around on it in a bar isn’t a good thing.

This brought up something that sort of bothers me, but it’s partly my fault. I realize I really have no social life. It’s a problem I guess that I don’t’ go out much. I don’t know why it bothered me as I sat at home and watched “the Dark Night”, but it did. I guess it’s something I should work on.