by Peter Marus

I’m watching the “Chappelle Show” and they have one of my favorite skits on it. It had the “Wu Tang Financial” skit, where they had two members of the group Wu Tang Clan on as financial advisors. I can’t describe it right, but if you saw it, even people who don’t know of the Wu Tang Clan would still find it funny. It also had the comedian Paul Mooney in a skit called “ask a Black Dude” where he answers questions from white people, but the joke is that he turns the questions around to be racist. If you can, get a hold of the show’s 2 season DVDs out there, and while you’re at it burn me a copy!!!!

I read that there’s a dude that maintains a blog on the “Dukes of Hazard” episodes that play on the Country Music Channel. I was shocked, I was surprised someone shows the “Dukes” old episodes!!! Know how much this dude makes for sitting on his ass and just writing about an almost 20 year old show??? Almost $100K!!!! That’s insane, and sad that the guy is basically doing the same thing I’m doing and I don’t get paid jack!!! But I do this for the sense of enjoyment and that it gives my many fan something to read and get them off the ledge or put the gun down or not swallow all those pills….

My dad got me “the Chief” today, a local civil service paper, and he pointed out the applications for court officer are still being taken. I may do apply for it, just because they do nothing at the courthouse and get paid well. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to have a gun…and right now I can feel the fear you are now feeling after reading that last line.

My dog went to the vet today for his medicated bath and for the doctor to take a look at his bad paw. We dropped him off in the morning, which required me hoisting his 80+ Lbs. Into the car since he can’t jump into the car. It’s amazing that for a smaller dog, he’s got a big ass. We get him home, after they do their thing to him in the afternoon, and it was sad to see him try and fail to jump into the van. It was sad because you can see the stress and worry in his eyes. I see hat a few times during the day when he has to go up the stairs in the back after he goes out for a walk. It really breaks my heart to see him like that.

Other than that things seem to be going well in my life. Things I’ve heard in the past couple days has really put a smile on my face knowing now what I do (it’s not all good news I’ve gotten, but better than what I thought it was). I hope that there is more good news coming down the road, either in the near future or down the road. You are probably going “What the hell is with the cryptic messages!?!?” Don’t worry, eventually I’ll say what all this means.