by Peter Marus

I was thinking of what to do on my vacation the week of Aug. 13th. I was thinking of just being lazy the entire week, get some things done, and just recharge. Part of me though wants to travel somewhere and stimulate my mind. But where could I go? I don't have a lot of money to spend, but also there are some decent deals out there. I have no clue, and any suggestions would be helpful. Hell if you want my dumbass in your town and don't mind me crashing at your place, feel free to invite. Maybe I'll consider it if you aren't really creepy.

Funny, it's the weekend, but it feels like a workweek....damn that Wednesday holiday!!!!!

Remember that list of qualities I like /dislike in people? Well like I thought, some like i and think 'I'm brave to think that way and respect my stand, and there are some that think I'm asking too much from others and that I come off as an ass. That's par for the course, so I really have no reaction to it. Hey, I know with that mindset I am opening myself up to a life of solitude and loneliness, bu at the same time I legitimately feel that way, and why should I not be true to myself? All I ask of people is to respect me and my ideals, it doesn't matter if you like me or hate me for it. I also just ask form people out of damn courtesy to give me back what I give them. I will say this, if I like you, I'm loyal to the bitter end. If you cross me or burn me in anyway, I will make you cry and burn every bridge possible. Hence why I am never friends with my exes. And in the end, I know I am right, and in the grand scheme of things, that's all that matters since at no time will everyone will be happy with me and my actions but the most important person that matters in my life-me.