by Peter Marus

Saturday night I spent a pleasant evening at a friend's surprise birthday party. It was at a friend's place and it had some kickass BBQ, some good drinks, and just a nice atmosphere. one thing I noticed early on was at this party I was the only straight single male at the party. It made things a little interesting, but nothing negative. Best part was I was able to drink as much as I could and walk home. No train or car for me, just a nice stroll through the neighborhood dodging the Latin Kings on the corner and making sure I didn't stare at the scantily clad women-most were probably underage.

Tonight I went on the Universal Life Church Monastery and started the process of becoming an ordained Minister. I have the print out from the site to state I am, but I'm not really going to start going around and say that until I get all the paperwork completed. I"m not doing this to piss on religion or make a mockery of the idea. I thought it would be a good thing to have, and why not offer the opportunity for people to get married by me. Like I said, I can't really do anything yet until I get all the paperwork sorted out (especially since NYC does require some paperwork), but now when you refer to me as "Hey moron", it should now be Hey Rev. moron"!

finally, one kickass video..God Bless you Jason Miller:

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