by Peter Marus

This week is going to be tough for me. This is the one year anniversary of my dad's passing. It is a weird feeling I have about it. Today I went through all our Christmas stuff to get it out and ready to be put up, and I couldn't help but rememer that this was one of my Dad's favorite times of the year. I don't like to look at the past anymore, but I feel like this has been my best year as far as getting stuff done in my life, and he's not here to see it. I accomplished a hell of a lot in my life, and a weird part of me fels that his passing was an odd catylist for all of these things happening. It's a weird feeling but oh well it's not something to stop me form being me.

I am also a little down after the Giants fell apart and lost today. It wasn't Eli's fault or anything. It was just lack of disapline that led to the Cowboys getting their opportunities to win. Really irritating considering the Giant's head coach is know to have his team disaplined and not commiting dumb penalties. But justice was served later on when Florida was rightfully given the #2 spot in the BcS title game against OSU. Many wanted Mich to get it and play OSU again, but I feel that a team should win their conference and Florida did so. Also, Mich already lost to OSU and had their chance at them, so they should get to the back of the line and let someone who has earned the right play OSU.

Another note to those out there thinking of getting me a Christmas gift: I already said I'm asking for clothes and cash from my family, but alcohol is also something I have no issue accepting.