by Peter Marus

A couple thoughts:

I have need looking around Youtube lately at some of the crap that is on there. I'm convinced I could make some better videos that would be a tad more funny, at least to me. So heres a couple ideas I came up with. In my defense I am sleep deprived and overworked, but I still think these are pretty entertaining:

1.Video starts with a shot of a guy chest up but moving to give the illusion of jacking it. After a couple seconds of seeing that creep enjoying himself (well getting the idea that is happening form his facial expressions), the camera moves to show the back of the guy with his pants down and he is watching the video. The gag is he is either watching “Roots”, old civil rights footage, or something horrible like that.
2.Video starts with a view of a guy driving a car, shot from the passenger seat. Suddenly the guy with the camera shoots pepper spray into the driver's eyes and then videotapes the reaction of the driver.
3.My final idea is a montage of clips of a guy sitting in the park, and whenever a woman walks by her, he runs up to her, points, and screams something horrible to her (think of all those wonderful words guys usually would use to describe a woman). This would e done to women of various ages, but the gag is to try to get really old or young women, even babies in strollers.

Like I said if you think these suck, this is what I have thought of to keep my sanity at my job. which has been one shitstorm after another.

Now, I also noticed that my mom got a best of John Denver CD, but when I first saw the cover, I thought it was Barbra Streisand (however the hell her last name is spelt). My mom is a fan of the man who wrote “Rocky Mountain high”, but his last plane ride apparently wasn't as high. I really can't hate the man, he did save rock music in the 80s during that congressional hearing about decency in music. After Zappa and the other rock stars that went there to address the hearing, Denver came in and somehow changed the tide. Rock almost got its ass kicked, despite the fact that every artist that went up on the stand held their own and pissed the congressmen off showing they were smart. After all this Denver shows up, says his thing, and shut everything up. Sure that sticker was made mandatory for albums with questionable content, but in the end that sticker led to INCREASED album who got the last laugh? and it's in part to John fucking Denver!!!!

Some think I should write a book and share my knowledge and take on life to others....Seriously after reading this last entry, who would pay for this shit!?!?!!?