by Peter Marus

I also had a couple more things I forgot to mention:

First, playing online has led me to figure out there are a few types of players:
-Racist Hayseeds who use the N word like it's the word “the”
-12 year old failed abortions you wish their destiny is the same as Tommy Lee's kid, Adam Walsh, The Yates Children, or Nixmary Brown
-the type of players that the Hayseeds do somehow accurately describe using their version of 'the'. As they play on their stolen Xbox360s and their stolen online accounts
-creepy older gentlemen who have no job, living on unemployment, and staying online for hours at a time befriending younger children.

Still, it's fun to play, as long as the mute is on most of the time.

also, I am updating my resume, after reading my last entry, you'll understand to at least keep my ear in the direction of the ground looking for other opportunities. Maybe up tonight, but maybe this week.

and finally I put my IM info up, so in case you want to not stay cowards and maybe offer your opinion on what I write here.