by Peter Marus

OK, it's been a while and I'm going to let you in what's up:

-Got my results from my physical, and I have high colesterol (248, should be no more than 200), so I have to bring that down

-I never realized how much the Metros were a part of my social life until the other night. I used to be a season ticket holder to the team, (BTW that osunds like a good Christmas gift to ask for...) and that was a my social life going to gamesthroughout the summer/fall. now I just hang around the house at night watching the game on TV....God I miss tailgating and hanging out with people!!!

-finally got this damn computer back up and running tonight. Had a bunch of problems running AOL and doing internet things on it. cleard up all the riff-raff on it and it seems to be running well now.

that's all I got to talk about tonight....