by Peter Marus

I have a new love in my life. Actually it’s an old love, but after years of separation and moving on to other loves, I found myself back to the love that I am accustomed to. This love is like the old times, but now it’s even more intense and satisfying. What has caused me to feel this good? The Sony Playstation is back in my life and I am never happier. What? You thought I was talking about an ex? Apparently you haven’t really read this blog, none of those pieces of garbage will ever get the time of day from me, let alone another chance.

I actually have the Playstation 3 in my house now. It’s replacing the Nintendo Wii that I traded in with all the games and accessories I had for it. I traded it all in at GameStop, and after a little money I had to put out to make up the difference, I walked out with my PS3 and a copy of “Metal Gear Solid 4.” I set it up, and got it all running and I am amazed. I played MGS4 for a little bit, and it is fantastic. The graphics blow away my Xbox, the sound is amazing in the surround sound, and the controls are good. It’s not just an action game, but also a puzzle in that you are not really supposed to kill people but sneak past them to do your mission. It is a challenge, but a good one.

I also dove into the Playstation store, where you can get games, movies, shows, demos, and other stuff online. Not just some small games, but some full games that you can get in stores, but at a discount. I bought a game off of the service, called “Pixel junk Eden.” I can’t describe it really, but it’s a puzzle game in a way, but with some trippy music. Look the game up and you’ll see what I mean. The music is cool though it pisses off the people in the house with the thumping of the bass, but fuck them, I enjoy it! I still have to look more into the service, but it’s much better than Microsoft and even Apple’s video service.

One of the other reasons I got the PS3 was the Blu-Ray player capability. Much like the PS2 I got years ago, I got a WrestleMania DVD to christen the system. This time I got the most recent WrestleMania event in Blu-ray. Watching wrestling in HD is really amazing, and the sound was like I was in the stadium at the event. I can’t wait to get some movies on Blu-Ray, and regular DVDS look good on it as well. After my experience with my PS3, I am debating if I am going to trade in my Xbox stuff in and take the credit from it and get some more games. I can get the same games on the PS3, and most of them are a little better. The Xbox was a nice fling, but I think I am back to my old dependable love.

Job wise, I got an interview Tuesday at another temp agency. I got a call from one of the other agencies I am registered with and was offered an assignment for the last week of the month. I said I’d do it, but I am also planning on going back and getting my security guard certification again. I have nothing to lose and its something good to have on the resume. I’m looking for the place I went to last time, but I found a place in Brooklyn that I have plan on calling to see what’s up.

That’s it for now. I just wanted to put something up since I haven’t put anything up lately.