by Peter Marus

The more and more I look at this world, and the more and more I get older. I noticed I am starting to look at the world in a slightly more conservative point of view. I'm not one of those dummies on the far right, religion and God's will has little to no relevance on any decision I make. I am not a supporter of George Bush, I think his selfishness, and desire to please his friends has set this country back decades, and the worst is yet to come as far as the aftermath of his actions. I am pro freedom of speech, and that's all speech no matter who is saying it as far as the Constitution goes. As long as it's not a direct threat at someone in the form of physical harm and isn't direct libel to someone, everyone has a right to say whatever they want. It is important to have all voices represented, but you also have the right to choose what is right to you. And that's the main thing I feel is the problem when it comes to “hate speech”, these morons can say all they want, but if everyone ignored them, they have no power or influence. It's when those who respond to what these groups say that gives them the power. When the selfish and self-righteous realize that, a lot of these problems society has would go away. There are many other issues in this country to deal with that are more important than that someone's feelings were hurt.

I hate both parties and the message of both. I don't need anyone telling me how to think. One book I read that has made me feel so much more comfortable about feeling how I do is called “Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right : How One Side Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve” by Bernard Goldberg. When my cousin lent me this book, I was a interested in the idea. Long story short, this book looks at a lot of the major issues in the country, and he breaks them down to show what both sides feel about it, what are valid ideas hey have, and how their ideology and devout followers screw up the opinions, and ultimately make things counterproductive. After reading this book, it made things look clearer, and it also validated me and how I feel. Even now I look for people like Goldberg and try to read as much as I can from these people, who in reality are telling it like it is but often called crazy or fools. I just ordered three books from some of these types of people. First is Pat Buchanan's “Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Ideology, and Greed are Tearing America Apart.” First off, this is the guy who has been deemed nuts, but was 100 percent correct in a lot of the economic problems that came up form NAFTA, and a lot of the policies the US enacted in the 90s BEFORE they were put into action. the second one is Jesse Ventura's “Don't Start the Revolution Without Me.” I always liked listening to Ventura's take on things, I may not agree with a lot of what he believes in, but I like him and respect his opinion. The last book I got is an older one called “Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalisn and America's Decline” by Robert H Bork. Comedian Nick Dipaolo recommended this book in one of his shows, and from what I have heard, it should be a good read. The book is about how the liberal media is destroying the ideals of America and society. I can't wait to read it.

One other thing that is totally off subject, It's nice to see that other cities are poaching NYPD officers for their cities. Can't blame them since NYPD cops are the best. Seattle has put signs up in the city trying to attract current cops in the city, noting that starting salary there is almost double what it is in the city and the cost of living is almost nothing there. it apparently has worked, since a good number of cops here have applied to take the test, which is also open to non cops as well. Personally I don't blame them for taking it. I have a shitty job that I really shouldn't get what I do with it in reality, but I am glad I do. Even at this job at the amount of time I have there, I MAKE MORE THAN A COP GETTING SHOT AT IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD. The worst part is, that cops are required to live in the city limits, so that means they have to either moonlight at a second job, fine a roommate to live with or live at home, or get on government program for assistance if they can qualify for it. Put it this way, Seattle is offering a cost of living that NYC would have to pay the cops at least $80,000 to match. Can you really blame them for going where the money is?? I'm debating the same thing in a way. I'm debating should l get a second job or look for a better paying job. I would like to move out, and seeing that rent even sharing with a roommate is at still hight in the city, I have to do a lot of research on the matter. If anyone have any ideas or advice, i'd like to hear it.