by Peter Marus

Another SUnday night, another weekend where I really didn't get to do anything interesting. Mostly I just drove around to different hobby shops to look around. I havent' done anything R/C related in a long time (both my cars are down until I get the $$$ to fix them). Itwas cool though just to go to the shopa and hang out. I did learn that one of my car's engines isnt' gonig to cost me nearly as much as i thought it would, since the shop I went to was a participant in a exchange program witht he manufacturer wher I take my old engine (a paperweight at this point), and for $105 I get a brand new one. That's cheaper than $150+ I owuld be spending on the same engine if I don't go through this program.

Scum 3-KC 2 in the finals of the MLS MLS got the assclown his title, and they got the exposure they wanted. Hopefully next season things will go back to normal and I won't have to keep thinking that MLS is rigged worse that most pagents

Today I felt great outside. I like the cold weather, it keeps me awake. I always loved working in this weather when I worked in TV. I just felt great out there in the cold air, plus everyone else worked harder so they could get back in the warm trucks!!!

and so goes another dull-ass day in my dull-ass life!!!!