by Peter Marus

Been a nice week. Got a new dog, a cockapoo (still sounds like a Italian sex act to me). He;s cute, really friendly and he's making my mom really happy. She picked him out (well he picked her after those big eyes locked onto her at the store). I think she's happier now since she has something to take care of and something around her now since I'm working and my sister is at school/internship.

As far as the lynching of Don Imus, God forbid someone make a joke IN THE CONTEXT OF A JOKE and people don't think of it as serious. People have to stop looking at everything for more than what they are. Imus is a COMEDY show, and what he was said in the CONTEXT OF COMEDY. He's done so much for children and minorities, but you won't hear about that!!! You'll hear how every single thing he has said/done in his entire 30+ years in radio is all racist. The apology he was forced to make, which sounded like he had a gun to his head as he read it and if he wasn't on MSNBC, I'd have thought the gun was right at his temple, was just another standard corporate lawyer bullshit he was forced to read. This is the sit that DROVE me to XM, where free speech is really free. Sure I have to pay for it, but then again in most things, you get what you pay for, and free radio is as good as it's price at this point.

Al Sharpton is to Race relations as to Ambulance Chasers are to the law. This scumbag is trying to start a race war, and NO ONE stands up to this jackoff. I know now why he does what he does; He wants in the worse say to be white, and deep down he is an uncle tom. The only thing is he tried that and he failed at it, so now he not only tries to over-compensate, but he found a way to profit (probably illegally through his “Church”) but bilking the poor and stupid in the Black community. The best example is Sharpton's hatred for Obama, who Sharpton called an Uncle Tom because Obama unites people, both White and Black...some Sharpton WISHES he could have done in his career!!! Apparently, Sharpton has a radio show, but NYC wouldn't know since all the stations inn NYC don't want to really carry REAL hate speech on their airwaves.