by Peter Marus

I am just about done reading Pat Buchanan's book “Day of Reckoning”. It's been a book hat has both assured me that what I feel about this country's state is right and also has made me angry at the state of the country.

First off, the US is the only superpower left in this world. But like most white people in this country, the US has felt guilty of being so good and dominant. What this has caused is the US just pissing away any economic dominance under the guise of “free trade”. It's no longer the US leading the way in manufacturing or growth, it's countries like India, Mexico, and China where labor is cheap and for some reason any tariffs the US had on their goods is gone. it's so bad, that the US spends money to export the materials to these countries which leads us to paying a tariff on the exporting, and then having the goods made in said country and imported back at such a low price. On top of this, the profits go to the foreign country, so yes, the US pays twice to a foreign country. It's not just some pissy little widget either. More and more goods that pertain to Defense and Security is moving out of the country and into outsider's hands. Anyone see an issue with this?!?!?

The government does nothing to fix it. Why you may ask, because these big corporations that pushed for all this own the politicians, and they can give two shits about this country beyond the fact that we are consumers. More and more it's less about the country, and more about the corporations. Ironically, the countries that profit form out dependancy, do the opposite. they impose taxes and limits on outside products and materials. They think about their country first.

The US may look like they are not in any power of influence if this is true and you see the trade deficit, but on the contrary, we are in control. All we have to do is focus on us, and less and less depend on others. If you did cut our importing of goods by lets say half, these countries economies would come to a screeching halt, and we would have influence to make things right again. But that won't happen, sinse nationalism is now considered racist, which leads me to my next point.

Another major problem with this country is that we do nothing to get rid of the illegals whoa re invading out country and eroding what it means to be American. I'm proud to call myself an American, but most others aren't. they still see themselves as their country of origin's nationality, yet they want to take advantage of what the US has to offer without giving back in any form (money/taxes, loyalty in becoming a US citizen). The Liberals in the country has helped further erode this country by somehow making us feel guilty that we have it so good, we should share what we have with everyone without asking for anything back form them. We have contracts to protect over 60 nations if they are attacked and they are not obligated to help us in any form. this is why our armed services are in all these other countries, and a lot of nations now don't have a formal army. If we took out all these forces and bought them home where they should be, first off we can handle the border issue with the extra help, and we would save a lot of money not being the world's babysitter/sugardaddy. Way back when these bases were needed, but since there is no more Cold War or “great enemy”, these bases are a waste of money.

Why are we stretched out in the first place? Simple, since the Soviet Union died, we have had this sick infatuation that we won, or way of living is right, and it is now our duty to make everyone else live like us. that's the basis of us in the Middle east, and why we are so close to attacking many more countries-they don't live like us. Most countries are dictatorships, and they are actually successful in a way due to the tight control and nationalism. China is a good example of a country that is not a democracy, but also is thriving economically. Our way of life is right for us, but it isn't for everyone. People have to have the right to choose how to live, and it's just wrong for us to impose our way of life on them, especially when it's at the expense of domestic issues here.

We feel we have a right to blow up a government and place our idea of what's right. As you see, that works wonders in Iraq. I always said this, if people are so unhappy in their countries with their governments, they would rise up and change it. Nothing is more dangerous is a rebellion of hungry rebels. We tried to place our favored people in different countries to keep the “bad guys” who are in power out. In the democratic elections we wanted in said countries, the people speak, and they re-elect the bad guys!!!!! People are so used and content living under them, why rock the boat? What is more insulting is the US says democracy doesn't work when this happens.

As I said, if I could I would take all US military and economically interests out of other countries and bring them home. We have so many things to do here to improve, yet it gets ignored. I say let's go old school, pre-WW1, and isolate ourselves for the most part, and rebuild the country to the best we can be. We tell everyone to defend themselves, and let's make everyone remember that they need us more than we need them.

that's the America I want. That's what we should be doing. I don't feel guilty that we are doing well, we earned it and we should enjoy it, not piss it away just because we are so far ahead. If these other countries what to succeed like the US, they should work themselves for it and not ask us for a handout. If they want to live in a dictatorship, so be it, the basic right of people is the right to choose how they want to live.

I know I may have been all over the place, but there is so much that Buchanan said that is true, it's overwhelming, frightening, and infuriating. I recommend his latest, and all his books. I disagree with a lot of his social stands, but politically, he's dead on with how it is, and how it should be.