by Peter Marus

My vacation blog, part Two.

Monday, Labor Day. I get up and shower before anyone else (I get up at 9, which is considered late since I woke up at 3 for my old job. When someone else woke up and it was decided that we needed milk so we started the scooters up to go out. When the scooters started, all the other guys ran out and got on theirs. SO the retarded bike gang went out to get supplies.

We get back, then the gang heads out to check out the mountain we were supposed to go up with the chicks. We actually at first rode around the town roads getting used to the scooters. During this the worst nightmare happened. We were making a turn, and I took it a little too fast. I panicked, hit the brake too hard, and slid into a ditch. The front tire caught the ditch, and I flipped over the scooter. I landed on the side of the road, and scraped up my side. I hit a rock with my head, and thank God I had a helmet on. If I didn’t I’d probably not be here or at least in the hospital. I got back up, and continued riding. I actually made it up the mountain (we went to check it out first), but that’s as far as I cold make it. All the way up the mountain, I was leaning to the right-the side that I fell on all the way up. I get down the mountain, drop off the scooter at the rental place and walked the couple miles back to the house. It hurt like hell, but I actually enjoyed the walk. It was nice to walk back and be left with my thoughts.

I get back, explain what the hell happened, and as everyone else went up the mountain, I stayed back and drank until I fell asleep. Actually I am glad I didn’t go, since I was the only singe guy on the trip, and I felt like I would be in the way with all the couples at this thing. After dinner, the scooters were all returned, and most of the people left to go home. So the rest of the week, it’s me, my cousin and his wife, and a couple other friends.

Tuesday I woke up in real pain. My entire side was killing me, and I could barely move. I took a shower, and spent the day hanging around the house. Most of the day was about cleaning up and just figuring out what to do the rest of the week. The whole day was just watching TV, cleaning, and just hanging out. Later we got pizza and just stayed around the TV.

Wednesday was a busy day. First I felt a little better. My shoulder and wrist was still sore, but I could move my arm. The morning involved watching all the trashy daytime shows on TV, which still amazes me and at the same time explain why the rest of the world is a bunch of psychopaths who are immature and selfish assholes. We went out for mini-golf and bowling. After the activity, we came back and had dinner. Then we watched movies and just drank.