by Peter Marus

This week hasn't been to exciting. Nothing much new in my life. I've been handing out my resume and info as per a friends' advice, but the same result...oh well

I really don't have much to talk about, other than the fact that my Mets are kicking ass and the Yankees seem to be taking it there!!!! I know it's early in the season, but it's still nice to see NYC is back to normal (it's a fact that NYC has always been a National League town). If you stay silent long enough, you can hear the gutless "die hard" Yankee fans shaking out their Mets jerseys they hid away right before '96. Speaking of the NL, I saw RFK on TBS the other day and how does the saying go??? "No matter how much you shine up a turd.." A shame that a good baseball team like the Nats has to endure playing in a toilet like RFK (but the toilet is a perfect place for DC United!!!)

Personally, I've been doing better, things seem to be turning for the better. Gues that's all on my mind right now. MAybe over the weekend I"ll have a nugget of something to share with you all...