by Peter Marus

It was a nice weekend of drinking, fighting, and friends. I spent my 4th of July home drinking and clearing out my DVR. I didn't go out since I had no plans, and took advantage of the day to rest and hang around the house. Finished off my bottle of Jager as well Friday night. Spent Saturday getting some stuff done, and that night had my cousin and friend over to watch the UFC PPV. It was the first UFC event I ordered, and it was a good show. All the fights had action in them (which most boxing events don't have these days-and they wonder MMA is making boxing irrelevant). It was a nice night hanging out.

Today was cleaning up and just hanging around the house. Sundays usually are “down” days for me. I've mentioned this before I am sure. I'm not sure why it is, maybe due to the fact my dad died on a Sunday, maybe it's one last day of “freedom” before workweek, I am not sure. I just am in a bit of a down mood, and sometimes that leads to me thinking way too much about myself and criticizing myself and some of the things that have happened in my life. It's not a nice cycle to be in. There were some things that distracted me for a bit though today. My aunt and uncle stopped over for a few hours to see my mom and look at an old TV stand (they took in the end-one less thing to get tossed this week). Also helping out some people with their issues kept my mind off of myself. It really is an odd feeling, and it does put me in a mood. I got to figure out something to make this change on Sundays.

anyway here's some more links to some funny stuff, partly thanks to Firefox's plug in “Stumble upon”, but also

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