by Peter Marus

Hello all, The Giants did it. They beat the Pats in the Super Bowl, and I can't be happier. Eli (Fredo) Manning proved himself, and the Defense just owned the Pats offense. Only problem was that I got about 3 hours of sleep last night, which really put me in a not so great mood. But at the same time, I was a good little boy and kept my cool, considering all the heat I got on me last week. Between the new BofA Tower in Midtown being built and the whole idea of the bank giving loans to deadbeats and being shocked the loans weren't paid back, the atmosphere at my job ain't the best. So I am not taking any time or sick days off, don't need to give my boss any reason to fire me.

I am apparently in the doghouse at my job over....I don't know exactly. I get a a message to meet my boss in my building. I get to the meeting, and there is a real bad feeling around the whole thing. We sit down, and in the 20 minute meeting, I was given back-handed compliments, conflicting statements, vague explanations of why I am apparently in trouble, and veiled threats as far as my job security (gee, take a guess what gender my boss is???) Yep, she decided to set the tone of this meeting that way, and of course since this is corporate America, I am guilty without any proof other than some anonymous person making a call. So I maybe rubbed one or two people the wrong way, they go crying to my boss, and I'm in trouble without any real opportunity to defend myself. Ironic part is that the couple days before I was getting compliments from a lot of the people I serve. So this is what I got after all the hard work I have done so far, doing more in a day what most of my peers do in a week. I figured this was a thankless job, but it really does show how appreciative they are of me. I was supposed to have a meeting last Friday with my boss again, to talk about how I can “improve myself”, but it never happened. I didn't ask about the meeting, since it's not my responsibility to remind my boss about appointments. Funny thing is, I haven't changed how I have conducted myself at all, since I don't think I need to. So we'll see what will happen next.

Gee, what a shock. I am myself, doing my thing and it seems to piss off women. But the funny and irritating part is that women keep telling me that all I need to do is be myself and that's all they need. Then after a few more promises and other jive they feed me, they get pissed off when I act as if they are going to follow through on what they say. I had one recently call me selfish, after all I did to make her feel better after all she was going through, because God forbid I cared about her and wanted to put a smile on her face. So I do what I am asked for, I find out she lied to me on several points, and I'M THE BAD GUY. It almost makes me wonder why bother, since it seems like a lot of my life is thankless. But then again, I feel I live the life of the righteous, and a lot of that life is thankless at least now. Apparently with how life does work, in the end everyone gets theirs, both good and bad, so I guess O just have to keep plugging and living. Maybe I will write a list as far as how I live, maybe inspire you to live the life of the righteous just like me.