by Peter Marus

-OK, Metros suck, but it shouldn't surprise me since they've been sucking all 10 years of their existence. I still support them because I'm loyal like that. I'd go to all the game s(and probably be aseason ticket holder) if I had the money and the atmosphere wasn't so combative thanks to a bunch of assholes that think their all big now because the made ONE trip to Columbus for a Metros game (like that's a big deal; in college I made a couple trips to Columbus with friends during summer session to see the then-new Columbus Crew stadium...and it's always fun driving around OSU with Penn State stickers on a car...). Now I hear that the morons are allowed back into the stadium with no more penalties on them...personally, if I was in charge of the ESC, I wouldn't have lifted a finger to get them back in after all the trouble they have caused for the club since they became members. It's funny, I got a message from the ESC leader adn he told me that he doesn't like the feeling of "being a den mother for 100 people that cant' act their age."

-Mets lost, but that was alradty decided when the pitching matchup was announced (Mets still believe in a broken down, decrepid has been named Tom Glavine). Mets can't get something started, they get a bunch of wins and before they make some progress in the NL east, they lose and stop all momentum.

-I'm looking around my room now, and I'm debating if I'm going to move my room around. If I do, it's goin gto be one HUGE ballbuster since all my stuff in my room weighs a ton!!! But I'll have to put some thought into it. Also have to get some measurements to see if any of my ideas are going to fit.

-SO far, I have about 4 other people that most likely go with me to the comedy club hopefully on the 20th (can't do the 13th, club's doing some charity gig, and I still have to call to see if it's cool to do the 20th) I have one or two others I jsut asked and still have to heaer back that's 7 maybe, that means I got 3 spots left.....have to see who I wouldn't mind hanging out with that won't make go out of my mind and irritate the hell out of me.