by Peter Marus

The more and more I play around with the Iphone, and also read about it, the more I would like one. Verizon sucks when it comes to Macs. They aren't really compatible, and I can't use my music on their phones since a good amount of it is from Itunes, not their Vcast. I would have an Iphone now, but a couple of things are keeping me from having one. First is that I am the primary phone on a family plan I share with my mom. I don't want to screw over her if I were to port my number to AT&T, and either she is stuck with our current plan on her own (which costs over $100 monthly when Verizon adds all those nice extra charges), or they shut off her phone altogether. Anyone that has any idea about what I could do, please let me know. Also, I am not totally sure how's the signal quality with AT&T. Last time I was on a carrier that has the same technology as AT&T, the signal sucked in my house, where I had to climb on my roof to make calls. Again, if you have any idea about he signal quality overall, especially around Queens, let me know.

Just for kicks, I was looking around craigslist, and it truly is a wasteland of the desperate and perverted. It's all damaged people, scam artists, and prostitution ads. it's quite the fun read when one is bored. I would love to meet someone who has met their husband/wife off of that site that didn't end up in an empty bank account or homicide detectives. I never did the dating site thing, where you have to pay to possibly get scammed or meet some psychotic, but I have been tempted to on occasion try it, who knows maybe I will one day, what do I have to lose in reality.

Just before I started writing this, I went to to Itunes and did my monthly “lets see what is recommended for me and maybe buy some music.” They do a pretty good job showing you some other artists. I got some music but not really anything I didn't know. Most of what I bought were albums/singles that came up like “oh, thats something I wanted to get a while ago, what the hell.” It's a little tricky though, because if you don't pay attention, you could spend a lot of money and not realize it.

Ugh, after that dogshit paragraph, I'll leave you all with this. Here are the two signs that the Democrats will not with the election-Ted Kennedy has cancer, and a Klan member endorsed Obama. But what was impressive was the crowd Obama got to show up in Oregon over the past weekend. It was also a little frightening just because there are so many people out there that will follow someone who won't back up any of his vague claims of “changing things”.

Oh, and the Mets should have swept the Yankees, but God felt so much pity on the Yankees he rained the first game out.