by Peter Marus

I am not happy with my cousin. He rekindled an addiction I had a while ago. He did this with one gift for Christmas, so technically it was he and his wife. He bought me one of my favorite games of all time, “Chrono Trigger”, that was re-released for the Nintendo DS. I remember this game when it was on the Super NES, and I thought it was, and still is, one of the best role-playing games ever created. Now when I go to bed I have to play it before I go to bed. On top of this, I found all the other stuff I had for my DS, like “Brain Age”, “Super Mario Kart DS”, and I’ve been playing those as well. Today I was in J&R by City Hall, and looking at all the software they have for the system both impresses me and scares me. I picked up Brain Age 2 and a program that supposedly helps one learn Spanish. The software is relatively cheap, and the numbers of units sold each month says to me the DS is the crack of videogames. My sister even got one this week and got that stupid cooking game that is in the commercials with that moron Lisa Kudrow.

I wish I had taken a picture of my DS when I found it-the dust on it was impressive. I was shocked that it still worked after I charged it up. Considering how long it as since I used it, I was thinking the battery wouldn’t take a charge. Anyway I’m playing with it again, and that just takes up time after work for me, along with my PS3. Which leads to my next point.

I admit the PS3 sucks when it comes to online gaming. Sony should have centralized the whole online system like Microsoft. Sony should have out a headset in each box as well, even if it’s a cheap wired USB one. It drives me nuts when I am playing “Cal of Duty” and can’t communicate with my team in some matches. Now Sony decided to further take a shit on online experience on their system with “Playstation Home”. Before you all start screaming, “It’s still a beta”, well it’ still shit. All it is for the most part is one spot where Sony can try to gouge its customers in a bad online lobby. People, if you are going to go online to play videogames…BUY A FUCKING HEADSET!!! It makes the experience better. I almost got thrown off the Home Beta when it first came out when I got so tired of everyone trying to type what they were saying to me using the videogame controller, I started screaming “How fucking retarded are all of you that you want to be online yet won’t voice chat. Buy a goddamn headset you dumb motherfuckers!!” Then an admin came to me and threatened to throw me out if I don’t stop using abusive language. I just said I was voicing my opinion not only on the beta-what I was supposed to do being a tester-but also the whole online agenda by Sony. Don’t’ get me wrong I love my PS3; I just wish the online part was better thought out.