by Peter Marus

Just popping up a couple things up here since I am bored.

-The US has no chance in winning any international soccer competition. I am convinced of that after the US get hosed out of a quarterfinal game against Austria in the U-20 World Cup yesterday. Even if the US somehow won, the ref made sure that all the strong US players were suspended for the next game due to yellow card accumulations. World Soccer's worst nightmare is the US being strong enough to win international competitions, mostly because soccer is the only thing now the world can say they are better than the US in (well, sportswise, there are many other things the world does better than the US)

-I am always surprised who reads this shit. Doesn't bother me, I just keep on keeping on, just surprises me whenever someone mentions they read this. What really surprises me is that after reading what I write here, people come back for more. Though it would be nice to see others put their opinions on the comments section so I can see what you all think, at the very least something to make me laugh when some of you don't get me and what I am all about. Here's a little hint: if you are one of those who read this and don't like what I say, don't read this...simple.