by Peter Marus

Karma's a bitch! I did something where I was over the line with someone and now I think some higher power is paying me back with this horrible cold I have had to suffer all weekend so far. Friday night I was in much worse shape, being a lot more congested. Today I still feel bad, but functioning. Lesson to all of you: if you dosomething that is wrong to someone, it will come back to bite you in the ass. I doo look oh, so sexy: pull over witht eh hood oer my head, snot streaming out of my nose, coughing up probably part of my lung...ladies I do paint a pretty picture don't I. On the bright side, I did get all I needed to get done for my new TV.

Yep, got my new RV today. A Vizio 37 inch LCD. I couldn't pick a more perfect size for the room it's in. My cousin and I got it out and up on the TV stand and I was like “Wow, that is really perfect”. I've been enjoying the world of Hi-def so far, especially my video games. My Xbox 360 and Wii look fantastic on the set. My Mii looks even more creepy in widescreen!! I haven't played much today, just enjoying the football and Nascar on it, especially the thumping Penn State put on Wisconsin!!! Pretty soon I will be throwing in Madden 08 to see/drool over that. “Gears of War” does looks sweet on it. I still need to get the wireless internet adaptor for the 360 since it's too far from the router that's in another part of the house.

I must say this is a big thing to me. this is the first big thing I bought for something other than me. It's not something for my room, but for the house for the other members of the household can use. it's an awesome feeling.