by Peter Marus

Just a couple quick things on me.

First, I am enjoying FireWire!!! This is the first computer I've had that has the port for it, and I used it when I was burning a DVD the other day, and it did it so fast I thought there was something wrong!!! Needless to say if you can use FireWire over USB, much faster!!!

Right now I'm debating if I am going to put up my resume on some jobsites. I want to see what is out there and if there is anything better for me. The thing is I am so rusty with MS Office programs and now I am told I am most likely getting full-time status with BofA in the first quarter of 07, and the only thing that has stopped me from getting it earlier is a budget thing. I don't know if this is all true, since I take what most people say with a grain of salt (that's in life can say one thing, but if you don't show what you mean what you say, it's all bullshit to me), and they could just be dangling a carrot in front of me to keep me from leaving (which happens quite a bit at my place, either people leave or they get fired and it happens almost monthly there's at last 3 new people in the department). I”m not really in a rush to get a new job now, so I may see what happens here. So far my bosses haven't screwed me over so there's a chance they could be speaking the truth.

CHEAP PLUG if you think I could fit into a position in your organization, a link to my resume can be found on this page, so take a look-see!! END CHEAP PLUG

This past weekend was just weird. Friday was cool, but with the fact that I had to work on Saturday meant I couldn't really drink too much that night. The partying did end a little early but my cousin's wife got ripped enough so she had a good time (her slurring announcement and math as to what her birthday gifts were going to on the cab ride home were proof that she had a good time). I crashed at my cousins place so I could b there to help paint his apartment. I was up early to go to the hardware store to get the paint and stuff we needed. We got 4 gallons of paint, thinking that we were going to paint the entire place, but in the end we barely used one. The reason is because we only did one coat of pain o his hallway, and only really did nothing more than touch up on the other walls. This plan was to just “freshen up” the walls, and in the end he didn't need to really repaint the whole place. It was a good or bad thing, it was good that we didn't have to move his place around and cause even more headaches and potential fights between him and his now hungover wife, but at the same time I planned my entire day around this, thinking I was going to be there all day to work.

After I get a ride home, I was in a surly mood, which led to everyone pissed at me. I was in such a miserable mood over the apartment thing and that I had nothing to do now, that I was just in a pissy mood all day. Eventually I took a nap after the PSU game, and I felt a little better. I was also in a down mood that I wanted to hang out with someone Sat. Night, but things happened and it just didn't happen. Wasn't anything either of us could do about it, but it happens. I wasn't angry about it, just disappointed that I couldn't see the person, but oh well there was nothing I could do. I spent the night laying around watching movies and went to bed at 10:30 because I wanted the day to end. I thought about maybe I should have gone to my HS reunion, but in the end glad I didn't. Not because I didn't want to see those from HS, but that I was in such a bad mood, that there was a chance something about my past could have came up and put me in a even worse funk. Who knows, I'm sure I am bound to run into a couple of my former HS chums down the road.

Sunday I was still in a grumpy mood, but a phone call I had put me in a better mood. I got up got showered, and went for a nice walk. After I got the papers and returned home, I did some cleaning. I decided after to drive around since I didn't' drive my car for a while. When I got back I watched the Giants half-assed it against the Texans. Seems the team had next week on their minds but in the end the Giants won, and now they look good as far as the NFC East goes and the NFC overall. After that the day seemed to go on with out issues.

That's about it..thanks for reading this piece of nonsense!!!