by Peter Marus

I just looked at the calendar and I have about a week to renew my season tickets for Red Bull NY. I've been figuring out if I was going to this year, since this team seems more and more like a rudderless ship. For God's sake, they fired the most successful coach in US history, because in less than a year he didn't get the team into the championship. There are other issues I have with the team, like their half-assed work at getting their new stadium completed, which has seen the timetable moved back so far that it looks like the stadium is planned to open by 2010 now, which is at least 3 years later than the original plan (out it this way, I got season tickets renewed a couple years ago to reserve my seat in the stadium when it as to open this season). It just seems like the owners are in a conflict with their mentality: one is to expand the brand of the drink, so they spend a ton of money on a lot of flash and no real concrete things a team needs, but at the same time they think that throwing a bunch of players together will lead to success. It's just a weird thing to put money into something that has no point or any clear direction for the future. I did choose to renew, because as bad as the team is, it's better than having no team at all. Also, I've been a supporter of this team since it's inception, and that gives me a feeling like I am a part of something that is organic in a way. I was around for it's birth, and I continue to get some level of enjoyment out of going to games each season. Even when the team sucked I found enjoyment in hanging out in Section 101 and just blowing off some steam from the week. The team itself hasn't done anything to me as a fan that would make me turn around and leave. So yeah I will be renewing my tickets, plus it means my mom has one less Christmas gift to worry about now!

Some have questioned me when it comes to my loyalties and how much faith I put on people and other things. See, My thought is that if one believes in something or someone, they should be able to put all their faith and their loyalty and trust behind it to show that you believe in them or whatever it is. I mean, people like to say they believe in something, or they are so loyal to someone or some idea, so they shouldn't half-ass it and put their “money where their mouth is.” Some may call me a sucker, a fool, or whatever for putting my heart and loyalty behind some of the things that I do in my life, but I know what I want in the end, and if I believe in something that I want, I'm doing to make damn sure I am totally behind it.

On the other hand, my loyalty isn't something I just give away. If I am putting it behind something and it is either taken advantage of, or there's a serious breach of the trust I have invested and put behind, as warm and caring I can be, that all goes away and the cold, asshole that I am also known to be comes out. Trust me, as fast as I have helped and supported people or things, i've just as quickly turned my back and acted like they are dead to me. I've done that a lot in my life, some of it was justified, some wasn't since I didn't know all the facts, but the bottom line is that one's faith, trust and loyalty shouldn't be taken lightly, and if someone does take it lightly-either their own or someone else's-they really really aren't people I want around.

This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way, and I have gotten a couple second chances to put my faith and loyalty into things I want to succeed, which I have and so far so good. Now if I can get this patience thing down I'll be in good shape!!!