by Peter Marus

Missed writing something yesterday because I wasn’t in the mood to write something. I shouldn’t skip because it’s one less day of a “workout”. But I really didn’t have anything to write.

Ever thought you may have missed your true calling? I was thinking of it the past couple days, and I was thinking I should have gotten into a more writing major (like journalism or something like that) in college. Here’s the funny thing, I sometimes can’t get myself motivated right away to do something, but most of the time when I do start something, I don’t stop until all my thoughts and whatnot is on paper. In college, I would get my term paper done in a couple hours nonstop (other than the occasional piss break of course), but It could take me days to get myself motivated enough to even start doing the paper. Even with some of my posts here, I would sit here in front of my computer and have nothing to offer, but once I do get started, I can knock out like 400-500 words…just whether or not they all make sense is another matter!

Now for a A.D.D-esque swerve….I was watching “Dog the Bounty Hunter” last night and notice that when they go for a deadbeat that may have a gun, they wear bulletproof vests, but they wear them over their clothes. Many law enforcement guys do that. WHY??? That’s just telling the crook where to shoot the cop!!! Is it so hard to take the extra minute or two to take your shirt off to put the vest under it?!?!?! On a side note, “Dog” isn’t a bad show, I just hate his bible thumping to the crook. I prefer the HBO show (hope it comes back) “Family Bonds”. Not just because they are New Yorkers (they’re based in Queens by the courthouse in Kew Gardens), just they aren’t afraid to kick the crook’s ass, then talk trash to them after the capture.

On the subject of cops and cameras, NYPD wants to put monitoring cameras all over the city in the bad (Poor, immigrant) neighborhoods. I read that they want to put on by my house (90th Street and Roosevelt Blvd., and on 90th and Queens Blvd. I think). This is really going to piss off the drug dealers in my neighborhoods, but they will just have to move over one block and things will go back to normal

I was looking through my CD that I burned with all the data I had on it (I was looking for some files for a soccer management game I play with, tactic files to be exact), and found a bunch of mp3 files I downloaded many moons ago. Most of them are rare tracks from some of my favorite artists (from soundtracks, remixes/mashups, etc). SO I added them to my library of files on my computer. I have over 1 GB of music, but most are from CDs I own. I take some CDs every so often and put the tracks I like on my computer so I have all of them in one place. The other tracks on my computer are all remixes/mashups of songs I found on the net (my favorites are a Nine Inch Nails “closer”/Super Mario soundtrack mashup and at Nine Inch Nails “closer”/Beatles ”Come Together” mashup). I also plan on getting an mp3 player one of these days and plan on putting the music on that. I’m either going to ask my parents to get me that or the MyFi XM receiver for my birthday at the end of the summer (that’s if I don’t get one of them sooner when I get work).