by Peter Marus

I didn’t drive around today, my car is technically illegal to drive right now (until I get it inspected again). I wanted to go out to get something for my cell phone, but I kept having this picture of me getting pulled over, the cop seeing my car is illegal, and him giving me a nice $100+ ticket. They do that now. In fact, they walk up and down the streets here looking at the registrations and inspection stickers of the cars parked and put tickets on the offending cars. I see them in the morning, and it’s usually the fat cop in the tiny scooter, the ones you see getting destroyed in riots, swooping up and down the street. He has the engine pegged and it can only get 5 mph out of it. While he’s slowly making his way up the street, his accomplice, a fat chick that has an attitude somehow goose-steps and waddles on the sidewalk putting the tickets on the cars.

The fun is when the person who owns the car finds out he has a ticket. Usually they freak and drive off in a huff. One time I saw some guy take the ticket and try to put in on another car. When he lifted the wiper blade to slip the ticket under it, the alarm when off with that bad horn/beeping combo. So people start running to the windows of their houses/apartments with their key rings, thinking that it’s their car alarm. I once had a ticket placed on my car that wasn’t for me. I did the right and noble thing with it…I took it off my car, read it, and threw it into the sewer.

MTV should be renamed the ADD network. It’s programming will go from something serious, like a documentary about some major issue, to the next show being something that involves that moron Ashton Kutcher. Also, how are they MUSIC television, when the only music they play is the same loop from Lil’ Jon or Ludicris in the background of “MTV Cribs”. Even MTV2, something created to play only videos is getting bad, first it’s like any other radio station, playing the same 6 videos (all rap, and even the stupid “I got money and I’m going to throw that fact in your face”-type rap), and in between the videos they have 20 minutes of commercials. The only shows they have on are shows about how THER VIDEOS THAT THEY PLAY WERE CREATED, where not only do you get to see/hear that obnoxious shit that they just got done playing, you get to see who is responsible for it and you get to hear them explain why they did what they did.

One station I like to watch is the History Channel. Where it’s WWII everyday!!!! I’m a little concerned about the owners of the station though; they like to play a lot of the “WWII from the German’s perspective” documentaries. One thing that really got me was on Martin Luther King day this past year, the entire day was dedicated to Hitler and the SS….because nothing says unity of the races and acceptance is HITLER!!!!

Speaking of skinheads, I get some interesting looks from people with my bald head. Naturally, the ladies think I’m the sexiest man alive and want to rub my head. But I find enjoyment when I just sit somewhere and not do anything and watch the people react after seeing me just sitting there. One time I’m sitting in a food court of a mall, and this Hispanic dude was talking to his friend I guess and kept looking back at me. After I finished my food and got up to leave, the guy comes up to me and says, “you hear to take me in?” I was like “no, what are you talking about?” After I said that, he looked relieved and he said, “sorry bro, I thought you were the bondsman I’m running from.”

Another time I found funny was I was walking down the street, and a black woman saw me, got visibly upset and crossed the street in a hurry while looking at me as if I was going to attack her. Good thing she did cross the street, because I didn’t feel like running across the street since I was thinking she was going to jump me!!! Living as the minority in my neighborhood I now know what the ethnic communities go through. One day I was stopped by the cops because I matched a description, but the bad part was I thought they were there to stop the Mexican dude walking by me. The Mexican guy turned around, smiled at me, gave me the finger, and said, “How does it feel gringo”!!!!

I’m going to bed

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