by Peter Marus

The Puerto Rican Day Parade is Sunday, and as usual the stores on 5th Ave. look like they are ready for a Hurricane rather than a parade. Every year some story is made about this, like how racist it is and how this never is done when the St Pats parade happens. Well, During the St. Pats day parade, most in the crowd don't act like fucking animals and destroy shit just because, and also the people at the St. Pats Parade don't gang rape women in the crowd. Also there isn't any gang violence in the crowd either. Then again, The Irish don't have local gangs march in the parade, like how the Puerto Ricans have the Latin Kings march in theirs. Still I should go one year to the parade, since there has to be at least one chick there with a nice ass and low self-esteem.

I have a lot of fun with one toy on my keychain. No, not that kind of toy. It's the TV-B-Gone. It's a little thing that has all the “off” codes for most TV manufacturers. I think I have to put a new battery in mine, since it doesn't work at some distances, but when it does work it's funny. Some banks have TVs in their windows for example. The one on the first floor of one of my buildings I work in, and oddly one or both in the front window are off in the morning. The funniest time I used my TV-B-Gone was in front of the entrance of “Top of the Rock”. There are 9 TVs in a 3X3 pattern with promo videos of Rockefeller Center running non-stop. Well for some reason most shut off out of the blue one afternoon, and it was funny seeing the guy who works for “top of the Rock” freak out when they did turn off, then try to restart them. They don't work on some TVs, like the ones more monitors than TVs. But it is fun to use to mess with people.