by Peter Marus

So Sarah Jessica Parker was finally called out on her “beauty”. Someone finally was honest and said she is one of the most unsexiest women in the world. What a shock she is upset about it, since it tears down that wall about these slightly older women being sexy like form “sex in the City” or “Lipstick Jungle” or whatever “modern women can have complete control of their lives and have it all, while playing with the men on their level of business and relationships” bullshit show is on the air. We all know the truth: she's upset that someone didn't kiss her ass and told her she's hot. I've always said that this horse-faced gremlin wasn't hot, and it's good to see someone agrees. It is sickening to have the media force down our throats that the modern woman can be sexy and aggressive in the world, and it's nice to see a magazine have the balls to say that they won't fall for it and contribute to the overrating of these women. It does suck for her husband, Matthew Broderick, since he has to be upset that certain rumors aren't going to diminish due to this. It's bad enough it was rumored he married her to look straight and have the “hot wife”, but now that veil is lifted, he just looks like he married someone to quell certain rumors.

My other thing I wanted to talk about is something that shouldn't shock anyone, remember it's wrong to be a White, heterosexual, male in this society. A black man on Long Island kills a white kid with an illegal gun. Allegedly this kid and his friends went to the black guy's house to confront his son over a alleged threat that the son made as far as raping a sister of one of the friends. The father came out with the gun, got in this kids face, said some words and shot him. First off, the guy wasn't brought up on hate crime charges, because as we all know white on minority crime=hate crime. Minority on white crime=just an example of the anger the minority's people have felt from the oppression that is still used as a crutch for sympathy. So the guy is only brought up on a gun charge and manslaughter charges (god forbid shooting someone would merit a murder charge, BTW), and out of the maximum 15 years the guy should have gotten, he only got 2 to 4 years. Needless to say, the white kid's family is made to look like assholes in this for reacting angrily to this sham of a sentence. The family is even being investigated about apparently threatening the family of the black man. It may have come off like that, but the father did say one thing; this would be totally different if a white guy shot a black kid. So once again, it's wrong to be white in this society, White guilt is alive and well and will lead to the downfall of society, and finally whites can be victims of any crime and it's not a hate crime, but any crime whites do is somehow linkable to hate crime laws, ask “Fat Nick” about that and what happened in Howard Beach, NY. a few years ago when he gets out in 15 years over some trumped up charge.

OK, enough of that irritation, here's a couple videos to put a smile on your face. Found these on Youtube and thought i'd share some of the ones I really liked when I was messing around on that site.

First is my favorite one of all time-bear falling out of tree and onto a trampoline:

Some of my favorite wrestling heels of all time, first Rick Rude:

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase-this is one of his most infamous bits

Ric Flair-Stylin and Profilin

The Sandman-greatest wrestling entrance ever

“The quintessential studmuffin” Joel Gertner

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas

And of course “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning- this is I believe the video shown at the WWE's hall of fame event