by Peter Marus

One good thing about all this free time is that I can get some ball-busting errands done easier. Today was a nice little trip to the DMV to get my license renewed. So I get there, and surprisingly it was relatively light today there, and it only took a quick 2 hours to get everything done. So after I paid my money and got my paperwork, I left. The DMV is in the area of College Point/Whitestone. I am familiar with the area, since I spent time there going to school there whatnot. I drove around the area, just for a trip down memory lane, and something that I knew about the area was reaffirmed. If you live outside the NYC area, and want the “West Virginia experience”, where you see what the result of rampant inbreeding and racism is, drive around College Point.

It really is the utopia that White supremacist yearn for. First off, it's a really tight-knit group where they all know each other and their business, which leads to the inbreeding when they do not allow outsiders in. Actually the only time they allow outsiders into the fold is when they deem the person suitable to add their qualities into the gene-puddle (hence why I don't date anyone from the area anymore-didn't pan out, and read on to see another big problem they had with me). They are also the “White Utopia” the supremacists babble about in that the community is mostly Protestant and they either have driven, or are driving all the Catholics out of the area. They really look down on the Catholics, and I am not sure of their views of Jews, since I never really saw them around (the Jews usually stayed in Bayside). Also the arrogance that they are somehow better, and ironically, more evolved than the people around them is comical to say the least.

It's almost as the town in “South Park” came alive and landed in a swamp not far from LaGuardia Airport. Speaking of swampland, the major shopping area they built up there came about after years of failed attempts to build on that site, where they would build on the plot, but the structure would sink into the swampland. Apparently, they screwed up enough times and sunk enough iron structures into the ground that it made a strong enough base to build upon, and they now have their shopping area.

As a kid I always thought they was a weird vibe in the area, and how excluded I was by a lot of the kids in the area. Just walking around there I really felt out of place and “the outsider”. Thank God I have little to no business to tend to in that area anymore, it just skeeved me out there. Honestly, if there weren't city laws preventing it, there would be stripped down cars on blocks on front lawns, and

So if you want to go somewhere and point at laugh to the closest thing this city has to Hayseeds, go to College Point. Don't point and laugh too much, they do tend to chase you in mobs with pitchforks and torches.