by Peter Marus

Hello all, I survived the bombing in Times Square, and I'm sure some of you with I was there when it went off. My work day starts about a block away from where that douche with a glorified M-80 blew up a window. I was on the 7 train in Queens, and when it got to Queensboro Plaza, the conductor said to get off the train, it and the other lines in the station wasn't going to Manhattan. I was a little pissed, but after realizing (and thanking myself) I was in one major hub of Queens. So I was able to get the E train and get to 8th avenue. I then had to walk several blocks uptown since the streets were blocked off. Eventually and about 45 minutes late I got to work. I didn't know the details of what happened at this point, other than a bombing. But in the end, it turned out that it was a much ado about nothing.

Now for a completely different subject. Amy Winehouse is another woman I find oddly hot. I am not sure if it was the video of her doing freebase on stage at one of the UK's largest festivals, or just her body is shaped like a lightbulb with that hair of hers where it looks like if it tips over, he neck is going to be snapped, but for some reason I feel I got a shot with her if I just walk up to her with a bag of any white powder.

One more thought: if the founding fathers came to this time period, and they saw what the government has turned into, would they not have a problem with it, or would they think that we are nuts for still basing our rule of law in this country and society on a 200+ year old document that really was a prototype for a government? And also how angry and shocked they would be if they saw that running for the most powerful position in the world is a broad and a mutt. I'm sure they wouldn't mind the vet who served his country and isn't afraid to toe the company line and be a yes-man for business and the elite.