by Peter Marus

I spent a good part of the day today playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii today. I picked it up today and so far I like the game. It's a little different to what I am used to, but it's not a bad game. I am still getting used to the controls, but it is a fun game. I haven't delved into the online portion of the game, which I find out needs both my machine's wii code, AND the game's code to play people. Sort of a pain in the ass, but oh well. I am glad I do have the Wii's Classic controller that I used for the classic games I downloaded to play, since it makes playing the game a lot easier. It also compatable with the old Gamecube controller, so if you got one of those you can use that. I haven't tried it with the Wii controller and the nunchuck, since that looks like it could be aggrivating.

I don't have anything else to really talk about tonight. I am debating what else to write about this week (yes from time to time, I do plan on things to write on this). I have a couple Ideas, but also would like to hear some ideas from the tens of people who write here. I will leave you with a video I found of comedian Patrice Oneal, who makes some hag from NOW look foolish. this is the incident that pretty much got him banned from Fox news. Good Stuff: