by Peter Marus

Here’s an article about the blind bastard that is in charge of the state of NY and his idea on how to save the state:

Now, in short, anything you do in the state will officially cost you more to do. From going to a movie, shopping, and downloading music or anything will have another charge added to it on top of the sales tax. This all isn’t a shock since these problems were forecasted when Pataki was still in charge and that the next governor would have a lot of issues to deal with. On top of all these new taxes, the good governor is cutting minor things like education and healthcare particularly for seniors. So on top of paying more for everything while not having your salary adjusted for them, your parents may die due to the healthcare cuts, and your kids will be dumber because there’s no money to teach them anything. Now I see why people are moving out of the city and state.

On top of it the state will be cutting the money they give to NYC, which ironically is mostly money collected by the state FROM THE CITY. NYC bankrolls this state, NYC should have all the say about how things are ran since this is where everything is really done, but some dumb hicks upstate think that the cash cow in NYC can run on their own will still giving them money. So what does this mean? It means the city will tax it’s citizens EVEN MORE, which is what Bloomberg has suggested. And then the MTA is crying poor and plans on bilking people for more money but somehow keep the shitty service they have now.

A couple thoughts about all this:
First, I still rather have a blind jackass in charge over the last guy. Spitzer had horrible financial sense and would have done worse with the budget probably. This is the guy who spent thousands of dollars on some trash from Jersey, which as I said in the past he could have gotten the same thing with some week and a 6-pack down on the shore. Always remember this (which I thank my cousin for finally beating into my head after some tense arguments last year-almost damaged our relationship):

Second: the whole idea of socialism doesn’t sound too bad. Funny thing is those states that have the “real Americans” that are against Communism and Socialism are the biggest parasites when it comes to the payouts in state aid. Look up the stats and a lot of the red states are the ones who get the most of the state aid, some as much as 2-to-1 compared what they give to the federal government. Also one big plus to Socialism: most countries that do have socialized healthcare and programs have the hottest chicks. Don’t ask me why, but Canada and the Scandinavian countries somehow have really hot chicks, and I think it is due to socialism.

Finally I felt like adding some videos now on a post, so here’s one, and what is said in this is damn true: