by Peter Marus

A couple quick things to say. First I got my vacation approved for September, so it looks like it's going to work out and I'm going to Lake George with friends and family. I can't wait for it, hanging out with people who I like and they like me. Also gives me a reason to blow off some steam, which should be a lot after this summer.

Also the MLS season starts this weekend, and the Red Bulls start the week after. I got my season tickets and fleece jacket, so I'm in good shape. That's another thing I can't wait for. It give sme something to do on weekend s in the summer, and I won't be left alone with my thoughts. Also the US won today, and the US U-23 team qualified for the olympics, which means nothing really for me outside it gives these players some experience in a international tournament. the Olympics is usually a good barometer to see what teams are going to do well in the World Cup in 2 years. The US senior team has a lot of good games planned this summer, which is needed to toughen up the younger members of the team. They have England, Spain, and Argentina this summer, and the Spain and England games are away games-so they get to see how it is in hostile stadiums. so things are looking up for the US.

Remember my video podcast idea? well I won't be doing that since it wouldn't be original, and I couldn't top “Drinking with Bob” (look it up to see what I mean).