by Peter Marus

I don't know if there is a full moon or what, but this week has been really fucked up. Started Monday with my day at work just going wrong, where a lot of little things were just going wrong or odd. From there, things that I didn't expect happening in fact happened, and I've been left in a state of confusion and frustration. Today I almost destroyed some of the stock that was ordered today, the frustration with everything pretty much boiled over from all the bullshit. Not to mention the news I got from some people this week that has upset me greatly. To top it all off, tonight my Xbox 360 got the “red ring of death”. What that means is that the machine is fucked and is more or less a paperweight. I must have learned some for of restraint, because the thought of throwing the fucking thing across the room was there, but I didn't. I have to look if my machine is still under warranty, considering Microsoft knew their earlier machines were shit, and extended the warranty to cover their asses. If I didn't have to pay for Christmas gifts, I'd blow my paycheck on a brans new system tomorrow. The good news is I have my Wii still, so I have something that will occupy my time. I should try to get a screen cap of my Mii, since it's a really creepy looking version of me.

So right now I am just sitting here watching wrestling and writing this. I am glad I have tomorrow (the 14th) off. Not sure what exactly I am doing, I may just stay in bed all day until I have to get ready for the party I am going. Can't wait to go to the party as I said before. Going to be nice to blow off some steam. One other good thing is that Time Warner is actually getting it and adding more High Def channels to their system, so I guess this week hasn't been a complete clusterfuck.