by Peter Marus

So New York is now a rudderless ship for a few days. Spitzer is gone, and starting Monday a blind man is going to be put in charge, who saw that coming? Ok, hack jokes aside, the guy who is going to be put in charge (I'm not in the mood to look up his name) will be one of a few Black men to be governor and the first who is legally blind. To me, it doesn't really affect me, since the state government doesn't really impact New York City too much beyond how much they take from the state's “cash cow” and not give anything back. This new guy is from Harlem, and some say he will be more of a City-friendly governor, but that remains to be seen. For some reason, the glorified nobodies in the state government have a problem with New York City asking to have the frivolous things taken away form the small towns in the state and given to them to handle the needs of 10+ million people in the city and region.

I am glad that Spitzer isn't in charge of the budget anymore. He spent thousands of dollars on some skank from Jersey. He could have gotten what he wanted and more from any other piece of garbage at the shore for nothing more than a case of beer and some weed. Factor in gas and tolls, and he would have saved a ton of money. Granted with the streak I have been on I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but it is sad he had to stoop to getting a piece of garbage from Jersey, rather than keeping it in-state. Probably the ones from New York wouldn't let him ride them bareback. Proof once again NY chicks have more class than Jersey ones. And just like any chick from Jersey, in the end she got all she wanted (in this case notoriety and her name/music out there to make more money), while ruining a man's life. On a side note, her song that people are playing is average at best. She has a dime a dozen voice as far as good singers.

Now that I may have gotten rid of all those who read this from Jersey, one more thing. Cuba's olympic team started as 20 players at the start of the Olympic qualifying tournament, and tonight they are playing with 10 players on the field. Yeah, you read that right, they are playing with one less player than they should be. Between the usual defections and suspensions of players, they have to finish the tournament with 10 players. They are playing Honduras as I write this and they are just staying in their half of the field trying to keep at least the score respectable. Sucks this couldn't happen before the US played them, maybe the US would have gotten all 3 points and instead of a draw. One more soccer statement, I can't believe it's only a couple weeks until the start of the MLS season. Time sure flies. Only a matter of time before I have to go to that dump of a stadium in a swamp to hopefully see RBNY somehow not make me feel like I wasted my money on season tickets. That's where I am now as a fan, I'm not looking for a championship or things like that (though it would be nice), but just them to justify me paying for season tickets and going out there and seeing the games.