by Peter Marus

Oh where to start. I’ll start with my trip to Columbus Ohio. The bus trip was ok, until about halfway where all the Jager and alcohol, Red Bulls, and BO came into full effect. At that point I was thinking maybe I should have spent the extra money to fly to the game. Anyway we get to the Stadium, and it was just before the huge storm rolled in. I stood out in the storm and the horizontal rain, high winds and hail. I didn’t do that to be macho or tough; I just couldn’t’ get back on the bus due to all the people who piled into it before I could get to it. After the storm rolled in and a nice rainbow appeared, it was time to go to the game. Crew Stadium is a glorified High School stadium constructed of aluminum, steel and concrete-perfect to be in during the unstable weather-but even then I would still take it over Giants Stadium. Sam’s Army was located on the end of the stadium where there was a roof. See, the people who run the stadium thought it would be smart to tear out one end of the stadium seats and put a stage there, making the average stadium look horrible. The good part of this was that the temporary bleachers there are under the stage’s roof.

The game itself was intense, and the US won 2-0 (or for you Spanish speaking friends, Dos A Cero). After the game we make it back to the bus while trying not getting blown away by the 60 MPH winds. Some after the game when to the hotel and then out to the bar to party, but I just went to the hotel. Why? Because I was so soaked from the rain I was freezing and thought it would stay in, warm up, and hopefully not die. I didn’t sleep at all that night, which helped me the next day going home. I slept a good part of the trip home, which is a good thing. Pennsylvania and Ohio suck to drive through. I used to not mind it, but now I cant’ stand it and had flashbacks from my trips to and from school. It’s hard to tell where Pennsylvania ends and Ohio begins-it’s all farmland. Further proof that everything and everyone between LA and NY are hayseeds or rubes. So that’s my report about my trip. I have a video that is related to my trip all edited up, but form some reason I can’t upload it to the free web space Verizon gives with DSL subscribers. I’m not sure if it’s me not using my FTP program right or what, but at some point I may have to upload it to YouTube.

Saturday was the big day where I got my Direct TV installed. The guy came in about 1 and was done by 5. So far I am enjoying the system, and feel good about my decision. The channels all come in clear, and It blows away all of Time Warner Cable’s offering. It’s got some cool features, and a lot of channels. All the HBO’s aren’t in HD, but it’s not a big issue for me. This week will be a big test when the weather supposed to get bad, and see how the reception is. I was told overall it wouldn’t be affected, especially since I had the dish professionally installed, but we will see.

Today I learned something important; make sure you have the right address AND city programmed into a GPS. I found myself at the right street and address, but In the wrong town. Eventually and 20 minutes later I was at the right spot. Eh, live and learn.

One last thing I have to do to close this entry. I was told someone is an avid reader of this, why I don’t know but it’s cool to hear. So What’s up Richie? Binks told me you read this so I figured I’d give a shout-out to you