Peter Marus





·       Approximately a decade of administrative work in the financial and insurance industry work experience.

·       Analysis and examination skills to disseminate raw information and determine the best course of action.

·       Can properly time mange and multi­task under strict timelines.

·       Negotiation skills to save money and receive the best result.

·       Strong knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Apple iOS, and Google Android operating systems.

·       Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office suite-Word, Excel, PowerPoint-and Google Docs software

·       Ability to diagnose, and repair PC hardware and software issues.


·          Successfully managed and monitored over 100 first-and third party claim files – active and closed.

·          On a daily basis, reviewed and analyzed 50-80 documents submitted to determine if all state and company regulations were met, as well as monitored for any fraudulent activity.

·          Volunteered to assist in peer and on-board training, technical assistance, case consultation and general support to colleagues, while managing a significant individual caseload.

·          Successfully saved insurance company 20-40% on arbitration settlements.

·          Provided detailed analysis and recommendations to counsel on defenses of upcoming arbitration cases

·          Monitored operations of over 10 staff break rooms, including catering and set up for events in three major Midtown Manhattan locations and pantry supplies.

·          Completed and implemented several computer builds, hardware or software installations, and home networking solutions for individuals of all age and computer skill levels.

·          Provided personal assistance to elderly and disabled individuals, including: travel, medical advocacy, and other daily duties.

·          Client relations and protection of property and employees in over 10 Midtown Manhattan luxury stores.


2013 – PresentAlltech Investigations                                        High-end Luxury Security Guard

2011 – 2013       Consultant/Student /Personal Assistant             

2010 – 2011       Country-Wide Insurance, New York, NY.           Arbitration/Litigation Analyst

2008 – 2010       Country-Wide Insurance, New York, NY.           No-Fault Claims Examiner

2006 – 2008       Bank of America Securities, New York, NY.        Maintenance Specialist


2000                 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA    B.A. in Telecommunications     

Current             Fire Guard License F01, New York City Fire Department

Current             Security Guard License, New York State