A life of a person can be perceived as many different things. One person can look at their lives as “average” or “mediocre,” but someone else can look at the same life as something wonderful and fascinating. Take the life of Pete Marus.


Life for Pete was never really “normal.” For the first 11 years of his life, he had to struggle with cataracts in both eyes. If life for a child wasn’t a challenge enough, Pete had to also fight with the challenge of being almost blind. To correct this, he was first given glasses that were really thick, but at the age of eleven he had surgery to remove the cataracts. Throughout this time, the struggle helped Pete grow a tough skin and learn that no matter what, in the end one has to rely on themselves to get things done. He also learned that family support is just as important. The challenges he faced also helped developed the intensity and motivation he brings to anything he gets involved in to this day- be it either a job, an interest, or in any form of a relationship he enters into. Some say that this is a bad thing at times, but the results after he has completed a task, many appreciate the dedication, quickness, and ruthless efficiency Pete brings to the table.


Pete went to one of the top Catholic high schools in New York City- Archbishop Molloy. The four years of high school were pivotal in shaping how his life would be, as well as his entire being. Throughout the years at Molloy, Pete would learn that it is OK to challenge ideals and beliefs. He still challenges the ideals and beliefs of society, not to demean them, but to debate and create dialogue to educate both sides and better inform others. Throughout this time, Pete had several surgeries on his ankle to reconstruct it after complications years before. Pete made the best of his situation by helping out in Molloy’s various clubs and organizations.


Pete went to Penn State University and worked for some time in Pennsylvania after high school. Pete had left New York City to learn more about the world and of himself. He graduated with a degree in telecommunications-which is where the creative passion Pete felt was nurtured and inspired him to try a career in television production. This led to Pete working at a local cable television station, where he gained the opportunity to work on several television programs and live events. After five years of college and working in various parts of Pennsylvania, he returned to New York City, where although he did not get work in television, he did find even more interesting work in various jobs throughout the region.  Until 2011, He worked at an auto insurance firm, starting in the No-Fault claims examiner position, but promoted later on to an Arbitration and Litigation Analyst position. In these positions, along with all the other things he has done and will do, he continues to bring the intense work ethic and determination, to make sure that whatever job he is asked to do is done right, and done right away. 


When he is not working, Pete’s interests vary. His philosophy is that one should have many different interests. It makes one a more rounded person, and can make a person see things in a different light. One of his biggest passions is soccer, and he can be found at NY Red Bulls games in New Jersey, and sometimes travels to watch them play in other cities in the Northeast. Pete also tries to get to as many United States national team games when his schedule and finances permit him. Other sports teams he enjoys are the New York Mets baseball team, New York Rangers hockey teams, and the New York Giants and Penn State Nittany Lions football teams.


Pete’s interests are not limited to the realm of sports. Pete is one who thirsts for knowledge about almost anything. On any given night, could be watching the cable news or educational channels. He also enjoys reading books on events and society in general. He thinks that society is an amazing subject to study, not only to see the good parts of the culture, but also the flaws and problems. Pete found a way to combine his creative side with his passion for learning about the world around him in an internet blog. The basic premise of the blog is “I have an honest opinion about myself or the world around me, and I want to express it.” He also just finds people interesting to learn about, and can be known for asking people numerous questions just to learn about the person.  Pete has been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the several years.

Today, Pete resides in Queens, New York.