by Peter Marus

I am writing this afet a night of drinking with the ESC and hanging out with an old friend of mine. Thank you, ESC and DJ Gelo for the HUGE Muthafucking smile on my honky face.


I went to the ESC presentation of the special award to GIOVANnI *clap clap clap* SAVARESE *clap clap clap* That's right bitches, bow down to the greatest Metro ever. Following the presentation e saw the fake Metros (AKA RedBulls) to a scrub Trinidadian club. After several drinks of.........Fuck if I know, it was a German Beer. I had a bunch of that, and combined with the KFC dinner I hd, I was in the state I am in now-nude in my room writing this.


At the game, I got a message form an old friend DJ Gelo. He was holding it down up the block form Nevadas, and I hung out with him. The dude is an awesome DJ, and if you need a DJ for a gig contact him here: Good TimesProductions Recognize that I pimp my friend's shit when they do good by me.


This was the first time in years I was back at Nevadas. Usually they treated US fans like shit, but it seems the turned around. Maybe I will hang out there more now, but I'm not totally sure. Lets be honest; the only reason they are friends with US soccer is the money Red Bull pumped gave the owners, that's how I feel it happened.


I learned today that although I have the years and work put into the ESC, I am not part of the Illuminati if the USC, but one of the commoners. Of that's the case, fuck the ESC leadership given the "common people" I have met has been nothing but cool with me. I hope down the road I could return the favor to them when needed.


Holy shit I feel good, I feel right now I can take on the world. I feel I can take on anything and anyone. Despite my failures as a man to men, women, and whoever that thing I failed them. FUCK THEM AND FUCK YOU. I am my own man, and I do what I want. Go fuck yourself if this bothers you


Funny thing I was going to talk about how modern offices are a ploy to get the worker to feel comfortable to working form home and on vacation. I want my work world and real world different. You need the worlds to be different, because of the fact that the scumbag bosses would try to take advantage of you . I get into work, I work, I leave at 5. I don't want to hear a fucking thing form my bosses.


Thanks again to the various members of the EC and DJ Gelo. where the fuck are yo guys to hang out?? you don't like me or something!??!? Holla at me bitches!!!