10/30/11 post

by Peter Marus

Fist a quick update on my quest for certifications.  I passed my Network + certification test last Mnday.  So I have A+ and Network + certifications, and the next step is to get a job.  I"m starting to overhaul my resume and soon after that I will be hitting all the job sites and whatnot to get work.  Worse comes to worse, I can try to also get security work.

Saturday night, I went to a holloween party in Astoria, Queens.  I went to a place called to Tippin Inn with some friends to celebrate Holloween.  It's a nice spot, and I've already gone to another spot owned by the same people.  The people also own the Italian restaurant next store where food could be ordered.  So after a night of drinks, laughs, and just having a good time, it was time where many of the party-goers were leaving.  This is the point where things get interesting.

Let me first say a couple things.  First I'm not going into too many details here, for various reasons.  I'll try to be as detailed as possible, but not getting too specific.  So, I was across the street with a couple friends looking at someone's car since it was recently in an accident.  So I'm looking at the damage, and out of the corner of my eye, there's a black unmarked police car in the middle of the street questioning someone.  I look over and see that it's someone I know that's being questioned by four cops, who were in his face.  Apparently this guy was crossing the street, and this cop car almost hit him.  The cops jumped out and were quesitoning him and harassing him over jaywalking.  My friend next to me took his phone out and taped the whole thing, then another friend came out of the bar and also taped it, and both were questiong the cops to find out what they were doing.  Questions like "What are you doing?", "What did he do?", "What precinct are you guys from?", things of that nature.  Thse cocksucking cops were all cocky and dicks to everyone.  When my friend asked were they from the 114, a cop said "You know it!!" and continued to harass my friend.  So several more people came out of the bar to see and question what's going on.  Eventually a Sargent's car came by, and saw the situation and rtried to diffuse it.  

Rather being good cops that you wouldn't wish their badge numbers were involved in a call that involved the numbers 1-8-7, and letting my friend go, they handcuff him, put him in their car and were taking him to the precinct "to run him for warrants and issue him a summons".   Needless to say that raised the tension, and they drove off.  I went back and escorted some people back to a friends house nearby to try to cool them off (who were beyond heated which damn near got physical-both with a cop and me trying to calm them down).  In the end, the guy was let go rather quickly with his summons and we met up at a friends house.  What happened is that the bar owner knows some people in the precinct, and called them, which led to my friend getting let go quickly.  The fact that my friend was being taken to the precinct bothered me.  He just got a summons, which should have taken five minutes to write out and to check his info in the computer shouuld have taken less than five minutes.  These assholes probably had their quota to fill, and wanted to look like they were some badass cops by taking my friend away.  

Again most cops are cool and not bad people.  Apparently the others are put in this precinct.  These cocksuckers were busting my friends balls and trying to get something on him because the dumbass driving his car almost hit my friend, and the other dickless wonders in the car got out to intimitdate him by surrounding him over fucking JAYWALKING.  This precinct I hear also likes to hang outside bars or restaurants and ticket anyone outside smoking (but put "Littering" in the ticket), or stop people for bullshit traffic infractions (like a motorcylce license place slightly bent).  I also hear that allegedly this precinct may or may not be under investigations for corruptions and other various illegal practices.  Seeing how these pigs worked Saturday night, I have no respect for anyone wearing the badge that works in that precinct.  The ones I have delt with and seen working are just a bunch of pussies hiding behind their badge, and have their batons to make up for being dickless.  Any halfway good cop should be ashamed to be in the same "Brotherhood" with these assholes, and should call their people to try to get the trash taken out of the department, let alone in the 114.   THen again, it's the end of the month, and these jerkoffs are probably trying to fill their quotas.  Hell, i think it's the citizens' right and obligation to call this precinct to find out what's going on there.  You know, to make sure the people are being served properly and to just aks questions of the officers there.  What's the harm?

If I get any video of the incident, I'll surely post it to show you what a cop shouldn't be.  And if anyone has issue with how I feel about these cops or this precinct, you either don't know, or don't care how much of a toilet that precinct is and the turds that work in there.  

Ok, enough ranting on these pigs trying to be cops.  I have to give props to the bar owner, he has always treated myself and my friends well, and he went out of his way to help out Saturday night.  The guy owns the Tippin Inn and No Partners, and I will definatly go to both and spend my money at these establishments.  The people who work there are stand-up people and deserve my business.  I wrote in my last post about relationships and tha'ts something business should work on with their customers to get the business.  The guy who run Tippin Inn and No Partners gets it, and therefore will get my business.  

Speaking of business relationships, I should go back to this Astoria buisness, it's been a while since i stopped in there, and I have not kept that relationship strong.  Maybe when I go to one of these bars next time I'll stop in, I would be in the neighborhood.