Politicians don't care about us, those who actualy contribute to this country

by Peter Marus

Yesterday there was a big blowup about how the Republican leader of the house of representatives, John Boehner-aka Droopy Dog, literally turned his back to the representatives of New York and New Jersey and did not bring the bills that would have authorized the funds to help rebuild the area after the hurricane.  Boehner didn't do it yesterday, so that means the entire process from the start has to begin again, with a new congress.  Once again, this flaming car wreck of our government failed the people, and I won't get into the fiscal cliff nonsense.  The extremists are still in control, and any moderates ironically are considered the crackpots now.  It's disgusting, but you idiots out there wanted this according to last Election Day.  I hope you morons are happy with what you got, and YOU HAVE NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF.

So now this aid bill-that's supposed to help people in real need, not Hollywood or NASCAR-may be torn apart and once again, those from states that contribute more to the country than takes may get fucked over by those hayseed pariahs and parasites that, ironically, hate the idea of socialism but if it wasn't for a form of it they would have nothing.  The money taken in by the federal government is redistributed to those states in need, and all of those who take the most are the ones that vote Republican, while all the Democrat states get nothing from it other than a fuck you and gimme more.  I'm used to it, since I live in NYC and it gives in the most when it comes to the states, while the hayseeds and country bumpkins upstate and in Wester NY live high on the hog, while the city struggles with infrastructure and schools.

What annoys me is that we have to pay for Bullshit disasters that people in Florida or Texas or California claim to have.  I say claim because all those "Natural disasters" happen EVERY YEAR THERE.  Those states are stupid for not budgeting for these disasters so they can handle it themselves.  Look, if you build on kindling and that goes up in flames, as it has for thousands of years and will in the future-it's called nature and doing what it's supposed to do- I have no sympathy for you.  Either move somewhere else or adapt and handle your business on your own dime.  If you live under sea level, don't act like it's a shock you got flooded.  What happened here in this region happens only once in a century, so this is different than what usually happens.  

Two months ago, the storm hits this area and turns parts of this area into dust.  The federal government is dragging their feet to help, but if this was one of those hayseed areas of the country where it floods, goes up in flames, or runs out of water due to poor planning and engineering, holy shit lets send the goddamn army and flood the area with cash for the municipalities to use for what they need allegedly, no questions or accountability asked. People here still have nothing, and the government has done nothing to help them.  They are trying to survive in bitter cold, and in shells of houses if they are even that lucky.  This area almost never asks for money from the federal government, we certainly write enough and big enough checks TO the federal government, but when we do, instead of offering a hand of help, the scumbags slap us in the face and then takes our wallet.  

So, Republican hayseeds and morons where you always have problems, I hope my representatives vote against any aid for your area, and I hope instead of water dropped on a brush fire it's gasoline, just to teach you a lesson.