This week is probably the most frightening one I can remember for some time

by Peter Marus

I say that without hyperbole.  First off, because a terror cell in the US government called the Tea Party decided to throw a hissy fit and hold everyone at gunpoint with their big talk.  These are the people who usually represent the inbred, racist, ignorant Meth heads that, while are vital for the reality TV and TV talk show industries, still can't get over a non-white is in charge and-ironically-wants to help them with his policies.  But because of the race thing, anything Obama says or does, the Tea Party goonhands the entire Republican party to go against everything he wants  Because of this negligent and dysfunctional way the government is being ran, not only is nothing being done, people are out of work for now because of things being closed down, but this minor thing of the US may not be hurtling off a cliff where it can't pay bills. 

I want to clarify a couple things.  First, when the Tea party started I was with them.  At first it wasn't about what "team" you were on, you were the angry kid of a divorced parents of a government that always fought and took it out on the kids.  Then the Republicans, saw a shot to co-opt them when their Vice President nominee started hanging around them.  Soon after the big money Republicans started pouring money into the Tea Party PACs, and then the message got distorted to where now it's just a terror cell threatening anyone who votes against them with sabotaging their next elections.  For God's sake, Ron Paul was the OG Tea party.  He was the basis of a lot of their original morals and stances the Tea Party stood for-practical changes to make the US better.  Then when the Koch Brothers and their ilk got involved, Paul got tossed out you got what you got now.  The only difference between the Tea Party and Islamist extremists is Tea party people don't say "Praise be on him" after they mention their "God" Ronald Reagan-you know the guy who was one of the most diplomatic president in both domestic and international matters where he actually worked with his enemies-like the extremists say after referring to Allah.

That's not to say I"m all about the Democrats.  I still have an issue with the Affordable Care Act.  One gripe is how it seems half-assed, where it guarantees coverage for all Americans, but it's also required and the private, for-profit, health insurance companies is where the Americans are required to get it.  The part where it will be subsidized by the government just screams fraud.  If all Americans are to be required to get covered, then the US should have taken over the insurance companies to keep the (at least) obvious greed out of it.  My other major problem was how it was passed.  from the second the last page was printed, every Democrat ran around like they did a mountain of coke, screaming "WE GOT TO PASS THIS NOW!!! GO GO GO!!!!" When some asked what was in the mountain of paper, Democrats went "NO TIME TO READ IT, WE'LL READ IT AFTER IT'S PASSED, GOTTA PASS IT PASS PASS PASS!!!".  So the Act was railroaded through with almost total disregard about what exactly is the bill.  When the details got out of what was in it, people were divided.  Eventually the Supreme Court said it was Constitutional, and recently it started to go into effect.  I'm still mixed on it, but I'm also waiting to see what actually happens when it's been around for a while.

Why am I worried about this week? The ACA- the law that's the reason all Hell is falling apart in DC and may liquify out credit rating- has already affected the job market where people won't hire full time because of some of the clauses in the Act, or places now are dropping their coverage for their workers and saying "Go to the exchanges and deal with that".  If this week ends how it is now, it looks like layoffs a plenty, and the bad job market here in the NYC area will get much more worse and I'll have to compete with a ton more people just to get a look at. 

I wish this stupid country would stop the "I hate Congress, but I like my local Congressman is OK so I'll keep voting for him".  No he's not! He's like every other person in the House and Senate-a Scumbag that only cares about fattening his pocket with "donations" and will leave his job a millionaire many times over from the insider trading and shady crap they do.  These people don't care about you, or represent you. They are just legal criminals, which shouldn't be a shock since most of them are glorified paralegals called lawyers. 

I'm done ranting.  There is one good thing about this week.  I've enjoyed using Linkedin more, and getting feedback and requests for me resumes.  It's a great feeling to be somewhat wanted.