Get over yourselves

by Peter Marus

More and more, with the advent of the Internet and social media.  People I think have gotten way too sensitive, or at least have more access to places to show how over-sensitive they are.  Everything these days is somehow insensitive to another person, or now is considered bullying.  People, do me a favor and take the stick that's up your ass and repeatedly beat yourself in the head.  Get over yourself and have a laugh (which let's be honest, you deep down are doing but you are trying to keep your faux outrage facade).

Take the Volkswagon commercial at this years' Super Bowl.  It had White people talking in Jamaican accents and acting like they would if they were Jamaican.  People complained about this ad, saying it was racist.  If these ignorant fools did a little research-used Google rather than Facebook/Twitter-they would have found out that the idea of the commercial was to show people being happy, and living with the attitude of Jamaicans have-where most things just roll off their backs and they don't get mired in petty bullshit.  But, since there's no money or exploitation in praising it, people rather would try to make a non-existant story materialize.

That's the thing, look at the media and what people around you  are talking about.  Most of the things people are outraged about is so trivial and minor, the energy wasted in that is astounding.  If these people wised up and used their energy on things that mattered, like improving their own lives, this world would be much better.  Also, instead of trying to find ways to be offended by something, and laughed once in a while, the problems of people these days would lessen.  Laughing at something doesn't equal you being mean.  You found something funny, nothing more or less.  Enjoy that one moment of happiness since there's enough garbage in this planet that will make you feel anything but happy.  

It's the people who can't laugh that are the reason that instead of good comedies on TV or in the movies, you have either cheesy safe comedies that play off the Feminist dream of the women are the strong ones and Men are the dullards who are helpless without the woman, or you have the other extreme where it's just cheap jokes trying to shock people.  There's no real mediums anymore.  I was watching the movie "Airplane!" the other night, and to me that's a classic comedy that could never be made today because people would be so upset at half the gags in it.  Same for "The Bad News Bears", and the sanitized remake doesn't count.  

Like I said earlier, the ones who are the most offended, or claim to be, are always the ones trying to make a buck off it or just attention whores.  You know what I do when I don't like something? I don't pay attention to it.  Wild idea, huh? But those attention whores will keep it in the press, which helps promote what they are against by the way, and try to cash in on it.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has taught me many things, especially not to get tied up in minor issues and focus on the bigger picture.  I wish people would stop with the bullshit and learn this as well.  At the very least to cut down on the static and noise the media puts out that means nothing to most people, but they are forced to take in.