I'm bothered these days

by Peter Marus

I'm bothered by a couple things.  First is the trampling of civil rights in this country, especially when there's an incident.  It's bad enough citizens are now treated by common criminals under the BS excuse of freedom, but when an incident like in Boston happens the thuggery of the authorities really comes out.  Of course they claim it's done to protect us, but as citizens we have rights.  We shouldn't be put under martial law (though it's not called that, that's EXACTLY what it was) whee military comes into town.  Panic gives a lot of people a lot of reasons to push their agenda, like trying to ban guns after a shooting, damn near strip searches when something happens at an airport, or civil lockdown and restriction of movement when there's a bombing.  

Why are the innocent punished by having a lot of their rights, many guaranteed by the Constitution, taken away by authorities-who failed in their part because of the incident happening in the first place.  Let's take security for example.  You have the GED all-stars (who I doubt really got one in the first place) at airports or in buildings, thinking and telling you "I have Powah, I haz powah" and not doing their job right.  First of all, they are glorified actors there to LOOK like they have the place in control.  They are poorly trained (if at all), and are paid almost nothing.  It seems the jobs where security is the main goal, no one wants to pay them well.  Maybe if there was a decent payscale, better, smarter, more qualified people would be there and less issues would happen.  But now you have a bunch of either 

-foreigners who cant read, speak, or write.

-some parts of the country, a dumbass redneck

-or in the cities, some shmuck who failed out of their job at McDonalds or the drug, rap, or basketball game.

These are the people who are given the responsibility in most areas to protect the innocent.  But, hey, it's for freedom so it's justified.

My other problem came up this morning, when I read an article about people like me-the long term unemployed   Apparently the longer you are out, the less likely your resume or application is even looked at, let alone you would get called for an interview. To say it put me in a bad mood would be an understatement.  I"ve been sending my resume and cover letter out everyday, and barely get any response.  I've tried getting work through friends, and that hasn't worked.  I have tried all the options i have and they have not worked.  The problem is that companies are white-collar versions of mines, where they will hire someone, grind them down, then toss them aside to get a younger cheaper person.  When there's a job opening, 150-200 people apply in minutes. I got a few things on the side, but not enough to say it's a full-time thing.  My one project I will put into high gear soon, and who knows what will happen to that. I want a steady paycheck where I'm not compromising my pay (did that already and never got back to what I was making before that)

I'm not at that point, but I get people who mull ending things or straight up crime.  Especially when all your options are not there, especially when you have been fed the bullshit of "work your ass off in college, you will get your job".  College degrees are the new high school diploma-dime a dozen and means almost nothing.

I'm in a mood today, it sucks but I really have to get my spirits up.