Joe Lhota has lost the NYC Mayoral race.

by Peter Marus

Heres an article about NYC Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota meeting with Al Sharpton in hopes to court the black vote.him doing that I think caused him to kill his shot at winning. Granted, this meeting could be two things: first Lhota is desperate and is scraping the bottom of the barrel to get the minority vote, or Sharpton is doing what he's good at-extorting stupid, weak white people.

Sharpton scam is simple. He hides behind his questionable reverend status, then go to a company or get involved in a crime investigation, cry racism, then say if the white people involved "donate" to his church he won't protest.

Maybe Sharpton is doing this to Lhota, maybe he is trying to con a political position from Lhota in exchange for an endorsement. Or simply Lhota figures racist assholes should stick together, he's still friends with Rudy Giuliani.

I think it's extortion, seen Sharpton-and also Jesse Jackson when he needs cash-do this to often. I wish white people would stand up and tell these race baiting extortionists and profiteers off the ills and pain of the black community. In fact, I always thought these self-appointed leaders still holding on the coattails of MLK are part of the problems in the black community, and won't do positive change in their community. They won't clean up the garbage in the black community, just pass the buck to make money if blaming White people and prey on white guilt.