quick hits and thoughts

by Peter Marus

Just had some quick tings to say:

-I am tired of the snow. Funny part is living in Pa. for years should make me used to the snow. The difference is that in Pa, there was somewhere to put the snow-the woods. Here in the city there is no spots to put the snow with out getting an environmental group up in arms. Another thing is I was not in a suit for work everyday, and I'm stretching out my suits to cut down on dry cleaning. It's tough.

-Boo Comcast and Time Warner. It's not a good deal. There are so many conflicts of interests as far as content providers and the cable/internet monopolies they have. But seeing how quickly this country is going to Fascism, I'm sure there will be some loophole for this to work. It'd be interesting to see what the government considers competition in most markets. I like in NYC, and not all areas have access to other options outside of Time Warner for cable and internet service-things like Verizon, RCN, Dish TV, or Direct TV. But most times it's almost "well it's in the city somewhere, so therefore it's considered competition". Hopefully this will be blocked.

-The Winter Olympics is much better than the Summer Olympics. First, most events are death-defying and dangerous. Second, there aren't as many countries involved, so there aren't any garbage countries wasting everyone's time. Finally, Hockey is considered important, where in the summer games soccer is second rate most of the time.