A couple positives

by Peter Marus

In BJJ, I'm feeing comfortable in my ranking.  What happened usually you are promoted to a new rank, and you start having that mess with your mind.   You are unsure if you deserve the status and you feel the bull's eye on you.  It's the bull's eye lower ranked guys see on you and want to get at.  After a little while, your confidence grows and you start to see why you are where you are, and feel the comfort in knowing you did earn your rank.  Funny part is I got my blue belt (first promotion) and didn't really feel the pressure much. Now as a purple belt, I felt it for the first month or so to prove I earned it.  I'm at the middle rank, and many feel purple is where you should start to be a teacher to the lower belts.  When I sat back and let things sit in, I felt OK, and now I am at a level of comfort. Still a lot of road to go to black, but I'm on it, no matter how long it takes.

Personally, life is improving.  My mom situation is getting better and I'm amazed by her strength and determination is inspiring.  The things around her situation is improving and I am seeing some pressure and limitations on me starting to go away, and I'm looking forward to what's coming up.