by Peter Marus

Went for my interview today...first off Long Island sucks driving around in. If it wasn't for the service roads on the LIE, I'd still be on the road GOING to my interview.

So I get there, the world headquaters of Weight Watchers, and it's a standard industrial park building on the outside, but inside it looks nice...especially since I think the ladies/men ratio is like 3:1. So I go in and this hot blonde hands me a application to fill out. As I'm doing it, I"m trying to write on this clipboard the application is on, which is almost imposible left-handed. After I get the thing done, I put my resume under the paper and return it to the chick. Soon after sitting there for a couple minutes, the woman I was to interview with comes out and takes me to her office. Not a bad looking MILF, i'd say early 40s, so at least this interview won't be all bad if I bomb. For the next 30 minutes, she asked me about everything in my employment past, which meant I had to come up with some stuff. I don't know how well it worked, I suck at assessing my performance on things like this (don't ever ask me how a date went....). She told me that she has other people to interview with, then she'll make a desision by next week. I'm not holding my breath about this, and I won't be weeping if things don't work out.

Other than that, I won $40 on a Win for Life ticket today. And the rest of the day was just long and boring. As I said, I'm waiting for someone to get back to me about something big, but it seems everyday that it's not going to happen, and it really saddens me, since I was looking forward to all the tings I was told could happen would

now someone in the past just Imed me, and now I'm in a bad mood...may have to drop the hammer tonight, since I am sick of ths part of the past....but like a weed it keeps coming up. This was a person that at my lowest turned her back on me and showed no remorse for it, since in HER mind it was my fault I couldn't go see her in Oh., yet she NEVER showed any effort to come see me, which she tells me in the end she wanted to see me, but I let her down. So what does she do? not tell me and goes out and sleep with this guy, then tells me "he gives me something right now you can't"....WHO THE FUCK IS SHE TO GET A HOLD OF ME TO "JUST SAY HI"?!?!!? she's dead to me and I hope she ends up with the most miserable scumbag that beats her on a daily I got all these fucking emotions coming back up...

what a way to end the night!!!